Sand & Gravel

Scutellaria parvula Michx. var. missouriensis (Torr.) Goodman & C.A. Lawson
Leonard’s Skullcap

Habitat: Sandy or gravelly soil, woods, ledges, mostly calcareous.

Minuartia michauxii (Fenzl) Farw.
Michaux’s Sandwort

Habitat: Dry ledges, frequently on moderately high-pH substrate, infrequently on disturbed soil such as railroads and other dry, gravelly areas. [Rocky summits and outcrops (non-forested, upland)]

Piptatherum canadense (Poir.) Dorn
Canada Mountain-ricegrass

Habitat: Dry, sandy, rocky woods [Dry barrens (partly forested, uplands)]

Krigia virginica (L.) Willd.
Dwarf Dandelion

Habitat: Dry sterile soil. [Rocky coastal (non-forested, upland); Dry barrens (partly forested, upland)]

Eragrostis capillaris (L.) Nees
Tiny Lovegrass

Habitat: Dry sandy or rocky soils. [Old field/roadside (non-forested, wetland or upland); Dry barrens (partly forested, upland)]

Descurainia incana (Bernth. ex Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) Dorn
Richardsons Tansy-mustard

Habitat: Calcareous gravels, prairies, and roadsides.

Calystegia spithamaea (L.) Pursh
Upright Bindweed

Habitat: Sandy or rocky open soil, thin woods. [Dry barrens (partly forested, upland); Old field/roadside (non-forested, wetland or upland)]

Gamochaeta purpurea (L.) Cabrera
Purple Cudweed

Habitat: Sandy soil and waste places

Polygala senega L.
Seneca Snakeroot

Habitat: Dry rocky or gravelly, chiefly calcareous areas. [Non-tidal rivershore (non-forested, seasonally wet)]