Greetings from PRFP Founders

We’re glad you found us online! And in the coming years, with a good deal of work, a lot of patience, and a little luck you’ll be visiting the actual site of the Podooc Rare Forest Project at Lake George Regional Park.  In the meantime, stay in touch with us here and on facebook.

The idea for PRFP has been fermenting for several years now, and finally in the spring of 2016, we broke ground, tackling a major hurdle and removing two dilapidated tennis courts left over camp Modin, who owned the property until 1992. Next, to recycle a whole lot of asphalt, condition the soil and acquire a variety of overstory and midstory trees for our first plant installation. In the coming years, we’ll be adding plants in layers from groundcovers, herbaceous perennials to shrubs and so on. We’re excited to see this labor of love gain traction and we’re excited for the next stages of the project. Presently, PRFP is an unfunded volunteer & donation based effort.  If you would like to contribute research, labor, equipment, plants, expertise, or would simply like to drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

Finally, we would like to thank naturalist extraordinaire Warren Balgooyen, for his time, guidance, and for his generous donation of the project’s first two trees – American Chestnuts!


Mark & Derek

Derek Ellis
Master Maine Guide
Park Ranger and Manager
Lake George Regional Park, Canaan ME.

Mark Cooley
Associate Professor of New Media and Eco-Art
Director of SoA Green Studio
George Mason University, School of Art